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Spaced Repetition

spaced repetition

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phosphate bonded to deoxyribose sugar 
bonded to nitrogenous base - A or T or C or G
phosphate bonded to ribose sugar 
bonded to nitrogenous base - A or U or C or G
C with G and G with C, A with T and T with A
C with G and G with C, A with U and U with A
strand of DNA that contains the gene
a length of DNA, bounded by start and stop codes, that codes for a specific polypeptide chain, that then folds to form a functional protein
complementary to coding strand and used to form mRNA by CBP
sequence of 3 nitrogenous bases in mRNA
sequence of 3 exposed bases on tRNA
a sequence of enzyme-catalysed reactions in which the product of one reaction becomes the substrate of the next, and so on until the final product is synthesised
a sudden and permanent change in the base sequence of a gene
a change to the base sequence of a gene involving one nucleotide base
agents that increase the rate of mutation -viruses, chemicals and radiations
copying exposed bases on the template strand by an enzyme that matches free ribonucleotides one at a time to synthesise an mRNA strand
occurs at the ribosome in the cytoplasm and involves tRNA binding to mRNA and bringing specific AA that are joined to form a polypeptide chain
type of protein that speeds up one specific biochemical reaction
the part of an enzyme that is complementary in shape to its specific substrate
some codons code for the same AA
point mutation involving replacement of one base by another
point mutation involving the insertion of a base into a DNA sequence
point mutation involving the deletion of a base from a DNA sequence
due to insertion or deletion and will alter all subsequent triplets
physical characteristics of an organism
the two alleles inherited for a particular gene
mutation that changes an amino acid codon to one of the three stop codons, resulting in a shorter and usually nonfunctional protein.
base substitution mutation that changes one codon but still codes for the SAME amino acid
changes a codon, so a different amino acid is coded for, so a different protein is made.
permanent store of genetic information, long, double stranded, deoxyribose sugar - phosphate backbone, A T G C bases
temporary copy of genetic information, short, single stranded, ribose sugar - phosphate backbone, A U G C bases
single stranded, 3D molecule with anticodon of 3 exposed bases, carries a specific AA to ribosome
substitution mutation that does not change the amino acid coded for due to degeneracy of the code