Criminal Justice Quiz 1 (Chapters 1-4)

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What are the three main components of the Criminal Justice System?
Law enforcement, courts, and corrections
Enforce law and maintain order
Protect rights and determine guilt or innocence
Prevent crime and protect the public
Juvenile Justice System
A system through which cases involving juvenile offenders are processed
Four layers of cases that flow through the system
Celebrated cases, heavy duty cases, lightweight cases, and misdemeanors
Controversial cases
Lethal injection, immigration, and politics and crime
Scientific study of crime
Illegal act according to the criminal law
Alibi defense
When someone can show that an individual was somewhere else instead of the crime scene
Status offenses
Offenses that are illegal for juviniles but not adults ex. skipping school
Uniform Crime Report
Collects data about crimes reported to the police
National Crime Victimization Survey
Collects information directly from U.S residents
National Incident Based Reporting System
Captures detailed data about the characteristics of criminal incidents
Crime typologies
Framework for understanding the thousands of types of crime that exists
Violent Crime
Behavior that causes direct physical harm or threat of physical harm
Types of violent crime
Homicide, assault, violent sex crimes, robbery
Frist degree murder
Homicides that are premeditated and deliberate
Second degree murder
Homicides that are not planed but are intentional
Serial killers
Indiviuals who kill several victims over time
Mass murderes
Individuals who kill a large number of victims all at once