Lesson 3: Rizal in UST

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Chapter 5: Medical Studies at the University of Santo Tomas

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Bachelor of Arts
During Spanish times, this was equivalent only to high school and junior college courses today.
Reason for the opposition of Rizal's mother to higher education
- she knew what happened to GomBurZa, afraid that her son will be like them son knows more (knowledge) the spaniards will cut off his head.
April 1877
- Rizal Entered University of Santo Tomas
Course that Rizal took in UST
Philosophy and Letters
Reason why Rizal Enrolled in this course (Philosophy and letters)
1. His father liked it 2. he was still uncertain as to what career to pursue
Father Pablo Ramon
- Rector of the Ateneo - Rizal ask for his advice on what career he should choose.
Rizal Studied on UST
- Cosmology - Metaphysics - Theodicy - History of Philosophy
Next term 1878-1879
Rizal received the Ateneo's rector advice to study medicine
Reason why the Ateneo's Rector response was delayed
He was in mindanao, so he was unable to advise Rizal
The Ateneo's Rector advise to study
Another Reason why Rizal chose medicine for his career
to cure his mother's growing blindness
First term in UST (1877-1878)
- Rizal also studied in Ateneo - He took Vocational course in Ateneo
Perito Agrimensor (expert surveyor)
Title that rizal got when he took vocational course in Ateneo
Vocational Course Rizal took in Ateneo
- Agriculture - commerce - mechanics - surveying
November 25, 1881
The title as surveyor was issued
Reason why he could not be granted the title as surveyor
because he was underaged (17)
Extra Curricular Activities in Ateneo
- President of the Academy of Spanish Literature - Secretary of the Academy of Natural Sciences - Secretary of the Marian Congregation
Miss L
- young woman in Calamba - fair with seductive and attractive eyes - the romance died a natural death
Two reason for his change of heart for Miss L
1. The sweet memory of Segunda was still fresh in his heart 2. his father did not like the family of Miss L
Dona Concha Leyva
- landlady of Rizal when he was a sophomore in UST
Capitan Juan and Capitana Sanday Valenzuela
- from Pagsanjan, Laguna - had a charming daughter
Leonor Valenzuela
- Charming daughter of Capitan Juan and Capitana Sanday Valenzuela - A tall girl with a regal bearing that Rizal courted - He sent her love notes written in invisible ink
Pet name of Leonor Valenzuela
Leonor Rivera
- his cousin from Camiling - student at La Concordia College - Born in Camiling, Tarlac on April 11. 1867 - described as a frail, pretty girl - engaged with Rizal
Casa Tomasina
- Rizal lived here when he was in his junior year at the university - located at No. 6 Calle Santo Tomas
Antonio Rivera
- uncle of Rizal - landlord of Casa Tomasina - Father of Leonor Rivera
- Name that Rizal use for Leonor Rivera to camouflage their intimate relationship from their parents and friends
First taste of Spanish brutality
- One dark night in Calamba, during summer vacation in 1878 - when Rizal was not able to recognize and pay respect to the Lieutenant of the Guardia Civil
General Primo de Rivera
- The Spanish governor at the Philippines that time that did nothing when Rizal complained about the lieutenant spaniard
Reason why nothing came out of his complaint
Because Rizal was an Indio and the abusive lieutenant was a spaniard
A La Juventud Filipina (To the Filipino Youth)
- The poem Rizal submitted for the literary contest that was held by the Artistic Literary Lyceum of Manila in 1879 - It is an inspiring poem of flawless form, in exquisite verses, Rizal beseeched the Filipino youth to rise from lethargy, to let their genius fly swifter that the wind and descend with art and science to break chains that have long bound the spirit of the people.
Rizal received as a prize for the Filipino Youth poem
- silver pen, feather-shape and decorated with a gold ribbon
The winning poem of Rizal is a classic in Philippine Literature for two reason
1. it was the first great poem in Spanish written by a Filipino, whose merit was recognized by Spanish literary authorities 2. It expressed for the first time the nationalistic concept that the filipinos, and not to foreigners, were the fair hope of the fatherland
The council of the Gods (1880)
- an allegorical drama that Rizal submitted for the literary contest that artistic literary lyceum held to commemorate the fourth centennial of the death of Cervantes. - awarded as first price
- Spain's glorified man-of-letters and famous author of don quixote
Junto al Pasig (Beside the Pasig)
- Stage by the atenean on December 8, 1880, on the occasion of the annual celebration of the feast day of the immaculate conception patroness of the Ateneo. - a zarzuela
A Filipinas
- a sonnet - written for the album of Society and Sculpture
Abd-el Azis y Mahoma
- Declaimed by an Atenean, Manuel Fernandez, on the night of December 8, 1879, in honor of the Ateneo's Patroness
AL M.R.P, Pablo Ramon
- A poem that express his affection towards Father Pablo Ramon, the Ateneo rector
Companerismo (Comradeship)
- Rizal founded this secret society of Filipino Students in the University of Santo Tomas in 1880
Companions of Jehu
- Members of the Companerismo (Comradeship)
Galicano Apacible
- Cousin of Rizal from batangas - secretary of the Companerismo (Comradeship)
Reason of Rizal's Unhappy days in UST
1. The Dominican professors were hostile to him 2. The filipino students were racially discriminated against by the Spaniards 3. The method of instruction was obsolete and repressive
Chapter XIII: The Class in Physics
- In this chapter in El filibusterismo Rizal described how the Filipino students were humiliated and insulted by their dominican professors and how backward method of instructions was, especially in the teaching of the natural sciences - His science subject was taught without laboratory experiments.
Grades of Rizal in UST
- Rizal failed to win high scholastic honors because of the unfriendly attitude of his professors. - Although his grades in the first year of the philosophy course were excellent (first course) - his 4 year course in medicine were not impressive
Decision to study abroad
- Rizal did not graduate in UST - Rizal decided to study in Spain
Reason why Rizal decided to study abroad
He could no longer endure the 1. rampant bigotry 2. discrimination 3. hostility in the UST