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What are 5 characteristics of Waveform
Amplitude, frequency, velocity wavelength, and phase
characteristics of amplitude
distance above or below the centerline of a waveform (measures intensity of waves
characteristics of frequency
the rate that an acoustic generator, electrical signal, or vibrating mass repeats within a cycle of positive and negative amplitude ( measures how many cycles happen over a time period)
characteristics of wavelength
distance in a medium in between the beginning, middle, and end of a cycle and wavelength = velocity/frequency
difference is between wavelength and waveform
a waveform is a graphic representation of sound voltage/level as it moves over time, whereas wavelength is the measures the length of a cycle withing a waveform
what does "phase out" mean
there is a difference of 180 degrees between 2 waves
phase shift meaning
the lead or lag of one waveform in relation to another waveform
difference between amplitude and frequency
amplitude measures the intensity of a wave in a cycle, whereas frequency measures the rate of a cycle over a time period. Frequency influences pitch while amplitude influence volume
why is phasing important
the boosts and cancellations that phasing creates influences the signal's frequency response, which impacts what is heard/picked up
speed of light
the speed at which light travels in a vacuum; the constancy and universality of the speed of light is recognized by defining it to be exactly 299,792,458 meter/second
what is the speed of sound at standard temperature and pressure
331.5 meters/second at 0 degrees centigrade and 1.013*10^5 newtons per meter^2