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aegis (n)
protection; patronage; sponsorship
apprise (v)
to inform of; to make aware of by giving oral or written notice
bibulous (adj)
fond of or inclined to drink; absorbent
claque (n)
a group of people hired to applaud a performer or performance; enthusiastic or fawning admirers; an opera hat.
deracinate (v)
to pull up by the roots; to root out, uproot, or dislocate; to eliminate all traces of syn: eradicate
eleemosynary (adj)
charitable; dependent upon or supported by charity; derived from or provided by charity.
indigenous (adj)
originating in the country or region where found, native, inborn; inherent
lachrymose (adj)
given to tears or weeping; causing to shed tears; mournful, lugubrious
lexicon (n)
a dictionary of a language; the special vocabulary of a person, group, or subject
melee (n)
a confused struggle; a violent free-for-all; a tumultuous mingling
microcosm (n)
a miniature world or universe; a group or system viewed as the model of a larger group or system
minuscule (adj)
very small, tiny; (n) a lowercase letter In the typeface that the poet chose, every letter used in the poem is a MINUSCULE.
obfuscate (v)
to darken or obscure; to confuse or bewilder
paternalism (n)
the policy or practice of treating or governing people in the manner of a father dealing with his children
polarize (v)
to cause to concentrate around two conflicting or contrasting positions; to cause light to vibrate in a patter syn: divide
purview (n)
the rang, extent, or scope of something; in law, the scope or limit of what is provided in a statute
sanguine (adj)
having a ruddy complexion; of a naturally cheerful, confident, or optimistic outlook syn: rosy
solecism (n)
a substandard or ungrammatical usage; a breach of etiquette; any impropriety or mistake
vassal (n)
a person under the protection of a feudal lord to whom he or she owes allegiance; a subordinate or dependent; a servant; (adj) subservient
verisimilitude (n)
the quality of appearing to be true, real, likely, or probable