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Africans developed the most advanced education system is ancient history and is_______
the parent of other education systems
What is the oldest University?
What was Ipet Isut renamed? And by who?
Temple of Karnak by the Arabs
What was branch in IpetIsut?
Southern Ipet
Who/What are Hersetha?
They were teachers in the ancient university
What did the Mystery Teachers of Heaven teach?
Astronomy, Philosophy, and theology
What did Mystery teachers of depth teach?
Archaeology and Palentology
What dis mystery teachers of All lands teach?
What did mystery teachers of secret word teach?
Philosophy and theology
What did mystery teachers of Pharaoh teach?
Words, laws, and communication
What were students called?
What was the purpose of education?
It was the transformation of a scribe/learner through stages of rebirth to become more godlike.
What are the names of Greeks that studied in Kmt?
Solon, Thales, Exodus, Plato, Exodus, and Pythagorus
What are 3 names of African Teachers?
Sonchius, Oenuphis, and Chonophis
What is the original name of their writing?(in kmt)
Mdw New, which means sacred word or divine script
What are the two principals of education?
Tehuti and Maat
Who was Maat?
a feminine principal of god that represented truth, righteousness and justice
Who was Tuhuti?
Masculine wisdom principal of god that represents writing and learning
What are the 7 sub principals of Maat?
Truth, Justice,Harmony, Balance, Order, property and reciprocity
Who invaded Kmt?
Hyksos(Asians), Europeans(Greeks/Romans), and Arabic-Asians
Who destroyed the Kemetic System of Education?
The Romans
How did they destroy the system of education?
By burning down temples and universities and 'taming' the priest-professors if not destroying them as well