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Ethnic groups do not originate in a specific location.
Baron’s family often eats dinner at different times from each other, sometimes sitting in front of the television. Han’s family always sits down to dinner together and says a prayer before eating. What are these customs an example of?
cultural differences
What is the type of diffusion called where people relocate to a new area and bring to the new area all of their cultural complexes ?
relocation diffusion
Ahmed’s sisters cover their hair. The reasons for this relate to the view of women and girls in his culture. What would these facts be considered to be part of?
their culture complex
Education plays a role in the status of gender differences in political structures, religious organizations, and scientific endeavors.
What is diffusion that moves from powerful or large items to small or weaker items called?
hierarchical diffusion
When Jeelan’s whole community fled their village because of attacks from a militant group called the Islamic State, they were relocated to a camp for refugees. Because their whole ethnic and religious group was under attack, every member of her group has now relocated to one of the camps in her new area. They are continuing as many of their cultural traditions as they can in their new location. What process has happened here?
relocation diffusion
In North Korea, citizens are expected to respect and revere their leader. When he gets a new style of haircut, that style will become popular with ordinary citizens. How is this cultural trait, or style, spread?
hierarchical diffusion
In North America, the capitalist economic system contains many aspects. What could this economic system be called?
culture complex
What is the distribution or spreading of a culture and/or a culture trait called?
Which of the following is an important concept of human geography?
all of the above
Chinese Pidgin English was spoken in some southern parts of China where English traders landed back in the 1630s. Why would this language form?
because two groups with no common language needed to communicate
Mariana loves the hairstyle sported by her great-great-grandmother in a very old photograph. She has decided to wear her hair this way too. What is this an example of?
diffusion through time
Why could Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts be considered a cultural trait?
because they are social institutions
When a social group possesses all the behaviors and structures that identify it as a culture group, what is it called?
culture region
What are customs and beliefs that arise within a diverse culture realm made up of a variety of culture groups part of?
popular culture
Hierarchical diffusion is diffusion based on the geography of gender.
When the English established colonies in some foreign areas, the cultures of those areas began to take on some features of British culture while retaining some features of the original culture of the area. What would this be called?
What is the cuisine of a particular area considered to be?
cultural trait
What helps diffusion and political interaction between culture groups?
Which of the following is NOT a cultural trait?
San Francisco is a modern American city, with skyscrapers, many different shopping districts, a good public transportation system, and other features common to large cities in the United States. In one neighborhood, called the Mission, there are numerous murals celebrating the Latino cultural heritage of many residents of this district. What do these murals represent to San Francisco?
subculture influence
What are the combination of related traits that identify a specific culture group called?
culture complex
A culture realm is the smallest possible culture region.
While serving in the military overseas, Chaz has adopted the local tradition of carrying a specific type of stone around as a good luck charm. What type of diffusion would this be?
expansion diffusion
Why is language such an important aspect of culture?
because culture is transmitted through language
June is worried that her grandparents’ language is going to die out. It is a language only spoken by about 300 people, and even speakers of the language do all of their written communication in English. What would ensure that this language and the culture it represents would survive?
developing a written form along with the spoken form of the language
Which is an example of folk culture?
horse-and-buggy transportation of the Amish
How do we refer to acquired culture traits that are mixed with the original traits to form a blend of culture traits?
What type of diffusion involves a rapid and invasive diffusion of a trait through the culture group?
contagious diffusion
Who developed work on the stages of religious development within cultures?
Emile Durkheim
Priya is studying how towns in her state were named either with Native American words or after towns in England. What is Priya studying?
Garret and his friends love to go to see rock bands perform. What do these performances represent?
popular culture
Where did the idea that totemism is the first stage of religious development originate?
in the ideas of Emile Durkheim
Elana’s grandparents speak Oneida, a Native American language of their ancestors in what is now the state of Wisconsin. Elana doesn’t know much Oneida and it is considered an endangered language with only a couple hundred speakers, at the most. Why might the Oneida language be endangered?
Competition from a more dominant language.