English Honors Unit V Vocabulary Workshop

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Spaced Repetition

spaced repetition

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20 Terms
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(adj) unselfish, concerned with the welfare of others
synonyms: selfless
antonyms: selfish, self-centered
(v) to express agreement; (n) agreement
synonyms: concur, consent, accede
antonyms: disagree, differ, dissent
(n) one who does good to others
synonyms: patron, humanitarian
antonyms: misanthrope, malefactor
(adj) marked by honor, courtesy, and courage; knightly
synonyms: gallant, civil, valiant
antonyms: harshness, severity, cruelty, inflexibility
(n) mercy, humaneness, mildness, moderateness
synonyms: leniency, forbearance, gentleness
antonyms: harshness, severity, cruelty, inflexibility
(n) a lack, scarcity, inadequate supply; a famine
synonyms: insufficiency, want, paucity
antonyms: surplus, oversupply, glut, abundance
(adj) shy, lacking self-confidence; modest, reserved
synonyms: timid, bashful, unassertive, withdrawn
antonyms: bold, brash, audacious, self-confident, jaunty
(n) a difference; a lack of agreement
synonyms: disagreement, divergence, inconsistency
antonyms: agreement, convergence, consistency
(v) to go abroad; to make a start; to invest
synonyms: commence, launch, begin, board
(adj) easily done or attained; superficial; ready, fluent; easily shown, but not sincerely felt
synonyms: effortless, assured, poised, specious
antonyms: labored, awkward, halting
(adj) unconquerable; refusing to yield
synonyms: unbeatable, invincible, unyielding
antonyms: surrendering, submissive, yielding
(adj) free from error; absolutely dependable
synonyms: unerring, certain
antonyms: imperfect
(v) to walk heavily or slowly; to work slowly
synonyms: lumber, trudge
antonyms: scamper, skip, prance
(adj) causing a sharp sensation; stinging, biting
synonyms: sharp, spicy, piquant, caustic, racy
antonyms: bland, unappetizing, colorless, insipid
(adj) neglectful in performance of one's duty, careless
synonyms: negligent, lax, slack
antonyms: scrupulous, dutiful, punctilious
(v) to rest; lie; place (n) relaxation, peace of mind, calmness
synonyms: (v) sleep (n) tranquility, respite
antonyms: (n) exertion, wakefulness, tumult, bustle, ado
(n) rashness; boldness
synonyms: recklessness, foolhardiness, effrontery
antonyms: timidity, fearfulness, diffidence, humility
(adj) fierce and cruel; aggressive; deadly destructive; scathingly harsh
synonyms: brutal, savage, belligerent, vitriolic
antonyms: gentle, mild, meek, unthreatening
(adj) sincere, real, without pretense
synonyms: genuine, heartfelt
antonyms: insincere, simulated, phony
(adj) extremely poisonous; full of malice; spiteful
synonyms: venomous, noxious, baneful, hateful
antonyms: innocuous, harmless, benign