Scientific Equipment

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container, like a cup
to measure volume
a conical flask with a wide base and narrow neck
a flask with a round bottom and a narrow neck
many uses and sizes
hold test tubes
to pick up and hold apparatus
to collect and measure the volumes of gases
hold burets when titrating
to measure length
to support the crucible
to heat small amounts of solid material at high temperature
to place under hot apparatus
to spread the heat of a flame
to heat chemicals in beakers or test tubes
support (many uses)
withdraw and measure volumes of solutions in titrations
in the preparation of solutions
hold in liquids in micro experiment
to fasten to the ring stand as a support for apparatus
to hold apparatus, may be fastened to the ring stand
to grind chemicals to a powder
to transfer solid chemicals in weighing
to scratch glass and to file
to connect parts of apparatus
to clamp a rubber connector
to hold test tubes in an upright position
to dispense distilled water
to hold water, gas collecting bottles, and delivery tube from gas generator
to scrub glass apparatus
to stir combinations of materials, and to use in pouring liquids
container for small amounts of liquid being evaporated
many uses
to pick up or hold small objects
a beaker cover, or evaporating very small amounts of liquid
to hold a filter paper, may be used in pouring
to transfer small amounts of liquid
to hold funnels
many uses as a container
used in micro experiment to transfer small amounts of liquid