Branches of Science and Scientific Method

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study of living organisms
Zoology (branch of biology)
study of animals
Botany (branch of biology)
study of plants
Microbiology (branch of biology)
study of microorganisms
Ecology (branch of biology)
study of how organisms interact with the environment and each other
Earth Science
study of Earth’s non-living systems and the planet itself
Geology (branch of Earth Science)
study of Earth’s surface, interior processes, and history
Paleontology (branch of Earth Science)
study of fossils and ancient life
Climatology (branch of Earth Science)
study of Earth’s climate and atmosphere
Hydrology (branch of Earth Science)
study of Earth’s water resources
study of matter and energy
Engineering (branch of physics)
science by which matter and energy are made useful to humans in structure, machines, and products
study of chemicals and their interactions
Biochemistry (branch of chemistry)
study of chemistry of living things
Geochemistry (branch of chemistry and geology)
study of chemistry of materials such as rocks, soil, and water
Social Sciences
study of human populations
Geography (branch of Social Sciences)
study of the relationship between human populations and Earth’s features
Anthropology (branch of Social Sciences)
study of the interactions of the biological, cultural, geographical, and historical aspects of humankind
Sociology (branch of Social Sciences)
study of human population dynamics and statistics
a hypothesis or series of hypotheses that are supported by the result of experiments and observations
Scientific law
an established theory
Dependent variable
the thing you’re measuring/observing
Independent variable
the thing you’re testing
the things that stay the same
Scientific Method
logical steps to solve a problem