U7C: Devoir, Pouvoir, Vouloir

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Je dois
I must/ have to
Tu dois
You sing. must/ have to
Il doit
He must/ have to
Elle doit
She must/ have to
On doit
One must/ have to
Nous devons
We must/ have to
Vous devez
You pl. must/ have to
Ils doivent
They masc. must/ have to
Elles doivent
They fem. must/ have to
Je veux
I want
Tu veux
You sing. want
Il veut
He wants
Elle veut
She wants
On veut
One wants
Nous voulons
We want
Vous voulez
You pl. want
Ils veulent
They masc. want
Elles veulent
They fem. want
Je peux
I can/ am able to
Tu peux
You sing. can/ are able to
Il peut
He can/ is able to
Elle peut
She can/ is able to
On peut
One can/ is able to
Nous pouvons
We can/ are able to
Vous pouvez
You pl. can/ are able to
Ils peuvnent
They masc. can/ are able to
Elles peuvent
They fem. can/ are able to
To have to
To be able to
To want