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Mongol fighting units were called
Which of these empires, ruled by Muhammad Shah, was conquered by Chinggis Khan?
khawarazam kingdom
Which of these describes Prester John?
Mythical Christian priest and king in the 1100’s Believed to be Chinggis khan, and was cut off from Europe by Muslim conquests
The Romance of the West Chamber was written during the
13th-century Yuan period in the tang dynasty.
\Which of these was a Turkic leader who conquered much of the Middle East in the fourteenth century?
Timur the lame
The ruler of the Golden Horde in the mid-1200s was
The election of Chinggis Khan as khagan in 1206 was
In keeping with the Mongol Traditions
Like Alexander the Great, Chinggis Khan created an empire
Divided soon after his death
Like the Kara Khitai Empire, the empire of Chinggis was
In what area did the Mongols tend to borrow most from other cultures?
The White Lotus Society illustrates
Resistance to Mongol rule
The impact of the Battle of Kulikova on the status of Moscow can be characterized as
The Battle of Kulikovo was of great historic importance in the struggle of the Russian people against the Golden Horde's rule. It dealt a severe blow to the power of the Horde, speeding up the process of its breakup.
What century did Constantinople fall to the Ottoman Empire?
Which of these was a Muslim philosopher that promoted the rational approach to knowledge?
Ibn Rushd
Giotto was a master in what discipline?
Painting especially realism
Which of these men was the first European to reach India by sea?
Vasco de Gama
Prince Henry the Navigator is best known for
funding expeditions along the coast of north Africa
In the document “Bubonic Plague,” Jean de Venette and Ibn al-Wardi write that the plague was
a blessing for those of faith
The unification of Castille and Aragon was an example of what broader trend?
the emergence of strong monarchies in the late medieval period
The Inquisition in Spain was an illustration of Spain’s
new concept of its religious purpose
Which of these best explains the significance of Portuguese control of the Azores?
The move marked European ventures into the Atlantic.
Which of these best characterizes the status of America’s civilizations around 1450?
The settlement of Hawai’i in the seventh century was part of
a second wave of Polynesian migrations
Which of these men commanded the first expedition that sailed around the world?
Ferdinand Magellan
The Dutch East India Company was chartered by the Netherlands to trade in
Southeast asia
Which of these was reached and claimed by a Portuguese ship that blew off course?
Bartolomeu Días (Brazil)
Which of these animals, introduced by Europeans to the Americas, had a particularly devastating impact on native vegetation?
Which of these men was captured and killed by Francisco Pizarro?
Which gave Britain control of most of northwestern North America?
Treaty with Paris
Which of these was an important base for British trade in India?
The imperial rivalry of Spain and Portugal in the early 1500s was largely replaced in the next century by the rivalry between
France and England
Which of these was the major cause of the Columbian Exchange?
contact between Europe and the Americas
Which of these was the main beneficiary of mercantilist policies?
The states, Big businesses and big government
Goa and Calcutta illustrate _________ in the early 1700s.
European rivalry in India
Which of these best characterizes European commerce in east Asia in the 1600s?
Unlike Spanish imperialism in the Americas, the British North American colonies were
more commonly founded for religious motives
Humanism was a philosophical approach stressing the study of
The study of classical texts
Which of these men posted the 95 Theses and began the Protestant Reformation?
Martin Luther
Which of this extended protection to French Protestants in 1598?
the edict of nantes
The Thirty Years War was a religious conflict that centered on
Catholic Holy Roman Emperor and his Protestant subjects in Bohemia.
The proletariat is the class of
Wage workers
Which century saw the height of witchcraft persecutions?
Which of these was a French intellectual who did influential work on the scientific method?
Rene Descartes
In the context of developments in the seventeenth century, the Levelers were
The findings of Copernicus differed from those of Chinese and Indian astronomers because of the work of Copernicu
was followed up by work by many other scientists
The growth of absolutism was synonymous with the growth of the
Which of these best summarizes the impact of Enlightenment ideas on European women?
Like the Thirty Years War, the English Civil War was caused by
Disagreements regarding religion and power of a king
Which of these is true of trade under Mongol rule?
-The trading route linked western Europe to East Asia Merchants had a higher social status Mongol empire knew how important trade was to the economy so they promoted it greatly
Compared to the Mongols, Timur’s conquests were ______________.
Equally destructive and of shorter duration