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Social role of music
For entertainment of the performer. Performed by both professionals and armatures. Used in social events to get to know people and things about them.
Spanish Terms/ Pieces
Villancico Oy Comamos y Bebamos
For rich people, initiated easy popular music. Homophonic in texture w/ supportive harmonies. Dance like rhythms. Strophic with refrain form.
Oy Comamos y Bebamos
Juan Del Encina. Secular, villancico
Italian Terms
Frottola Madrigal Canzonetta Balletto
generic term for popular settings of Italian poetry. homophonic, dance like rhythms. strophic with refrain form. Solo voice with accompaniment.
generic term for setting of an Italian poetic stanza. Beginning to end. No verses, choruses, or repeats. Three periods of these
Early madrigals
Northern Composers/ Franco Flemish area Simple, homorhythmic, separated phrases example is Il Bianco e Dolce Cigno or the goose sex song.
middle madrigals
more sophisticated musical settings. we're starting to have fun with text painting and counter point. example is la belle contrade d'oriente
late madrigals
chamber music starting with point of imitation. polyphonic. we fucking love text painting so much at this point and we are no longer bitch boys who are afraid of chromatic harmonies.
women's ensembles
women could be performers not composers because we hate them lol. Concerto Delle Donne Di Ferrara is a famous woman ensemble from italy.
All french terms
chanson musicque mesuree pieces: tant que vivray a ce joly moys de may rececy venir du printans
little (italian) song. 2 passages are never performed the same (it would be embarassing) so we are now fans of ornamentation
little dance. refrain with nonsense syllables (think deck the halls fa la la la la la la la la)
all german terms
meistersinger and meisterlieder pieces: Nachdem david
meistersinger and meisterlieder
renaissance music made by educated german men created text setting rule. Also excluded women because why not. Created in bar form or stollen and abgesang
musique mesuree
academy of music. basically a bunch of scholars sharing what they've learned together like a bunch of nerds. They turned greek poetry into FRENCH MEASURED POETRY published by scholars
all english terms
consort song canzonets & balletts madrigal musica transalpina lutesong tablature pieces: sing and we chant it as cesta was from latmos hill the triumphs of oriana flow my tears
group of likewise instruments playing together. broken/mixed consorts include additional instruments.
so freaking cool after musica transalpina. phrase by phrase structure, both homophonic and homorhythmic textures. Lots of text painting. composers were expected to be able to write these. stolen from italians
musica transalpina
music across the alps. book of Italian madrigals set to English published by Nicholas Young
take a song, play it on lute. lute version of a vocal piece is called intabulation
letters and numbers for your fingers to press on certain frets (lute)
types of instrumental music
dance music, arrangements of vocal music/intabulation, settings of existing melodies, variations, and abstract instrumental works
dance music
various music for different dances. pavane and galliard is a popular slow to fast song combination
arrangements of vocal music
intabulation for lutes, keyboard players, and guitarists. oftentimes arrangements with variations as opposed to reductions of original works
settings of existing melodies
Common for composers of instrumental music to incorporate existing melodies into their compositions. An example of this is turning chorale melodies into organ melodies.
broader idea in renaissance than now. could vary a theme, chord progression, bass line. A group of keyboardists that did this were the english virginalists
english virginalists
people playing on the virginal, designed for virgin women. bad ass band name
abstract instrumentation
improv is still valued. These were designed to sound improvised. three versions of this; tocatta, ricercar, and canzona
written to sound improvised. "to touch" typically an instrument that is not wind
means song. took italian song, adapted it for instruments. long- short- short rhythmic pattern. each section starts with a point of imitation and has it's own material.
instrumental families
group of likewise instruments typically with voice part names (soprano, alto etc)
generic term for french popular song. 4 voices with an emphasis on the top
triumphs of oriana
english madrigals by thomas morley
Music in venice
filled with rich people who liked music so they then funded music (and the rest of the arts).
Church of St Mark
Basilica Di San Marco. NOT A CATHEDRAL. Still state church tho.
Cori Spezzati
"Spaced Choirs" two choirs in separate areas singing together. Music was written for the interior of St. Mark
General term for choral ideas being put to purely instrumental music.
Io non compro piu speranza
frottola (italian) by Marchetto Cara
Il Bianco e dolce cigno
ITALIAN SEX SWAN MADRIGAL kind of disgusting, actually. jacob arcadelt
Da le Belle contrade d'oriente
italian madrigal Cipriano de Rore
Io parto e non piu dissi
Italian madrigal, Carlo Gesualdo
tant que vivray
french chanson, Claudin de Sermisy
a ce joly moy de may
french chanson, Clément Janequin
revecy venir du printans
early madrigal, franco flemish, french, Claude Le Jeune
nachdem david
meistersinger & meisterlieder, Hans Sachs
sing and we chant it
english late madrigal, Thomas Morley
as vesta was from latmos hill decending
english madrigal, Thomas Weelkes
flow my tears
lute song, english, monophonic with discreet acompaniment
pavane d'angleterre & galliard
instrumental dance music, Claude Gervaise
lachrymae pavana
vocal music arranged for instrument, piano, byrd
cuatro diferencias
four VARIATIONS, spanish, Luis de Narváez
canzon septimi toni
church of st mark in venice FREAKING GIOVANNI GABREILI
victimae paschali laudes
plainchant, easter on liturgical calendar,
can vei la lauzeta
Occitan language by Bernart de Ventadorn, a 12th-century troubadour.
courtly dance of the 12th–14th century. Mentioned in trouvère poetry, Raimbaut de Vaqueiras
viderunt (perotin)
Gregorian chant based on a Psalm. Polyphony associated with Notre Dame School
sumer is icumen in
medieval English round or rota, W. de Wycombe.
quam pulchra es
sacred motet by John Dunstable
conditor alme siderum
hymn used during the Christian liturgical season of Advent, J.M Neale
innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen
homophonic, small in form, german
ein feste burg
german, martin luther, reformation period hymn