HBS Unit 1 Review

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Spaced Repetition

spaced repetition

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52 Terms
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the region encompassing the abdominal muscles
of or relating to the region of the arm in front of the elbow
armpit area/region
upper arm
of or relating to or toward the cheek
relating to the heel bone or heel
of or relating to the wrist
the head or skull
uppermost region of the spine
referring to the hip region
the region or area of the gluteus muscles
of or relating to the area near the groin
the part of the spinal cord/back between the ribs and the hipbones (5 vertebrae)
the area/region relating to the nose (or nasal cavity)
the region at the base of the skull
the region on the back of the elbow
the area of the mouth/oral cavity
the region of the eye/around the eye
near or relating to the patella or kneecap
of or relating to the pelvis
of or relating to the area behind the knee joint
the region of the spinal cord/back that is directly after the lumbar region
the region around what is know as the shoulder blade
of or relating to or near the sternum
the ankle region
the region directly above the lumbar region; middle of the back (12 vertebrae)
the abdominal region around the belly button
referring to the whole spinal cord/back
Function: protection, absorption/secretion, sensation
Location: skin, outer surfaces of organs and blood vessels, inner surfaces of internal organs
Function: support/structure, protection, transport
Location: between tissues throughout the body, found in *tendons and ligaments*, bones
*Tendon - muscle to bone; Ligament - bone to bone
Function: contracts and relaxes to move different body parts
Location: walls of veins, arteries, and intestines (smooth); heart (cardiac); on bones (skeletal)
Function: coordinates and controls the body's many functions
Location: brain, spinal cord, nerves
the jaw bone
bone around the nasal cavity ("top jaw bone")
the cheek boone
the bone that makes up the forehead
the skull bone by the ear (where the mandible connects with temporalis)
base of the skull/back of the head
top of the head
opens and closes eyelids
pushes and pulls lips
opens and closes the mandible (jaw)
arms (scapula and out), and legs (pelvis and down)
skull, ribcage, and vertebral column