EMPTECH: Excel Terms, Principle of Design, Online Format for Images and Texts

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1. Have a question in mind 2. Narrow it down 3. Advanced search 4. Look for a credible source 5. Give credit
• Tips in Conducting Online Research
Mail Merge
- allows you to create documents and combine or merge them with another document or data file - it is commonly used when sending out advertising materials to various recipients
Form Document
- component of mail merge - it contains the message and it remains the same no matter who you send it to
List or Data File
- component of mail merge - individual information or data that needs to be merged
Accounting Formats
- a number format that is used for accounting - values with Php or Philippine peso sign use the Accounting Number Format
click the drop-down arrow at the currency button then select More Accounting Format
• how do you change the value to any other currency
Ctrl + 1
• what do you press to change the orientation of a text
- a function used to count the cells with content in a range
- to count numbers only - to count numbers and text - to count based on one criteria
COUNTIF(range,criteria) • Range •Criteria
- format of COUNTIF function ? the cells where the counting will take place ? the label or value that determines if it is to be counted
- function used to compute the summation of the number of a range
SUMIF(range, criteria) • Range • Criteria
- format of SUMIF function ? the cells you want to apply the criteria against ? used to determine which cells to add
- a function used to compute for the average of the number of a range
AVERAGEIF(range, criteria, [average_range]) • Range • Criteria • Average Range
- format of AVERAGEIF function ? One or more cells, including numbers or names, arrays or references ? A number, expression, cell reference, or text ? The cells to average. When omitted range is used
- a text or object that contains a link to another file, web page, a place in a document, a link to a new document, or an email address
Go to Inster>Hyperlinks or Ctrl + K
• how do you insert a hyperlink
Existing File or Web Page
- creates hyperlink to a website or a local file saved in your hard drive - just browse your file in the dialog box or type the web address
Place in this document
- creates a hyperlink that allows you to jump to a specific slide in your presentation
Create a New Document
- creates a hyperlink that once clicked, creates a new document on your specified location
E-mail Address
- creates a hyperlink that opens MS Outlook that automatically adds your specified recipient on a new email
- the act of placing objects within the presentation
Insert, Text Group, Object, Insert Object dialog box
• how to embed a file to your slide presentation
Creates New
- creates a new file from scratch - you can select on a wide variety of files listed
Create from File
- creates a file from an existing file saved on your hard drive
- the visual weight of objects, textures, colors, and space is evenly distributed
- attract the viewer's attention
- guide the viewer's eyes around the screen
Patter, Repetition & Rhythm
- repeating visual element - the sense of organized movement
- the sense of unity where they relate well
- several design element to draw a viewer's attention
- represent information statistical data or knowledge in a graphical manner usually done in a creative way to attract the viewer's attention
- the basic type of online format for images - bitmapped images - cannot be scaled without distortion
Joint Photographic Experts Group(JPEG)
- doesn't support transparency & animation - supports a wide range of colors - used in Internet delivery and photo sharing compressed - great for maximizing
Tagged Image File Format(TIFF)
- usable - high-quality master image - file size can be huge - gained popularity as a scanning format
Graphics Interchange Format(GIF)
- supports transparency & animation - graphics and logos with areas of solid color - smaller file size - limited number of colors - transparent background
Portable Network Graphics(PNG)
- used for screenshots, high compatibility - supports transparency but not animation - higher quality files than GIF - preferred for images that contain text or line art
- low-quality files - word processing application
Photoshop Document(PSD)
- native file format for Adobe Photoshop - layered images
- the basic type of online format for images - mathematical formulas - scale the image without distortion
Drawing Interchange Format(DXF)
- used in computer-aided design - used by engineers and architects
Encapsulated Postscript(BPS)
- desktop publishing
Computer Graphic Metafile(CGM)
- image oriented software programs - high degree of durability
- ESRI GIS(geographic information system) applications