MIS Final Exam Questions (Quiz 3, 4, X)

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Contains the questions from quiz 3, quiz 4, and quiz X that are subject to be reused on the final exam

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Dove Cosmetics bought 150 Gallons Shia seeds, Argan and coconut oil from Moroccan Supplier to produce the latest Body Wash. These purchase is considered
What is the correct way to insert a new student to Students Table
•INSERT INTO students values (1,'Samaa','07/07/2007','Female','park rd NW’);
Which of the following is not one of Databases advantages
maintaining user privacy
-----is Used as a reference an ID in another table
Foreign key
Which of the following is not a Data Mining Technique
Association discovery
--------- refers to the process of quickly conducting complex, multidimensional analyses of data stored in a database
Online analytical processing (OLAP)
------assures Centralized control, minimized redundancy, and improved data consistency
data quality
Which of the following is not ERP limitations
Limited change in organizations process is required.
Program-data independence make it easier to evolve and alter software to changing business needs when independent
A---- integrates multiple large databases and other data sources into a single repository
------- is responsible for creating , maintaining and securing database and the communication with different systems
-----reflect the processes and procedures that are located in a person’s mind on how to effectively perform a particular task
Tacit Knowledge
Which of the following is not a support activity
Customer service
foreign key is unique identifier and connot be null
Dove Cosmetics used 150 Gallons Shia seeds, Argan and coconut oil produce the latest Body Wash. More than 10k customers purchased products online or from store. These purchases are considered
Dove Cosmetics bought 150 Gallons Shia seeds, Argan and coconut oil to produce the latest Body Wash. They produced more than 10k for purchase
Make to stock
-------- is launched by individuals and organized groups
Zero-day is an undisclosed hardware or software vulnerability when you have no time to respond to the attack.
Who are the white hats?
---------- are variations of viruses. They do not reproduce themselves but they wait intil are triggered by certain types of operations or predefined date
Logic Bombs
------------- sometimes contains spyware that collects data about a person’s web surfing behavior in order to customize website banner
Ransomware—short for “malicious software” such as viruses, worms, and Trojan horses
Which supply chain execution flow uses the RFID technology
Product Flow
------ cares about the quality or Maximizes likelihood of meeting objectives
Supply Chain Effectiveness
------- are collections of ghost computers used for destructive activities or spamming
-----------a small text file passed to a web browser on a user’s computer by a web server
Target Corporation (TGT) and Walmart Inc. (WMT) schedule their seasonal merchandise to arrive just as demand is beginning to pick up for specific items. Those companies are example of
Just-In-Time Inventory
What is the best explanation of Denial-of-service (DOS) attacks
to prevent legitimate users of a service
Which of the following is not one pillar of Information systems security
Sales Force Automation and Enterprise Marketing Management are examples of
Operational CRM
Supplier/Customer access points through which a business partner accesses secured, proprietary information
Taking active countermeasures to protect your systems
Risk reduction
Which of the following is part of the supply chain execution flow
All above
A type of malware that aims to encrypt all files in exchange for money
------ refers to a small forecasting error at the end of the supply chain can cause massive forecasting error farther up the supply chain
Bull Whip effect
Which of the following is not a key process in Supply Chain Planning
Inventory Reduction
Which of the following is not an advantage of Off-the-Shelf Software
Problem specificity
Processing logic represents a main step in
System Design
Purchasing an existing system from an outside vendor is referred to as external acquisition
What is the correct way to choose students who are Male from Students Table
select * from students where sex='Male'
Requirements collection takes place during the systems ________ phase of the systems development life cycle (SDLC).
Data ________ represent(s) the movement of data through an organization or within an information system.
A---- A specialized subset of large databases and other data sources
Data Lake
Dior is preparing for the upcoming Oscars and starts making dresses and suits for Celebrities that contacted Dior to design their outfits. What is the Primary business process between Dior and Celebrities
Why ERP are not successful in most cases ?
Lack of executive level support
ERP Extended component deal with internal –Financial Management –Operations Management –Human Resources Management