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The first interstate roadway was called the __________
Cumberland Road
The two war hawks who pushed that pushed for a Tariff in 1816 were _________ and _____________.
Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun
The Supreme Court ruled in Dartmouth College vs. Woodward that _____________________.
protected private businesses by not allowing the state to change a business' private contract or charter
In McCulloch vs. Maryland at issue was the constitutionality of the ___________________.
National Bank
In McCulloch vs. Maryland the Chief Justice __________ ruled that the political authority of the Union lay with ________ and not the _________.
John Marshall, people, states
In Gibbons vs. Ogden at issue was state monopoly of ______________.
Interstate travel or commerce
The Financial Panic of 1819 was caused by the collapse of the ________ industry and reckless _________ in the West.
cotton, speculation in the west
The territory of _____________ requested statehood as a ________ state in late 1819.
Missouri, slave
During the debate over admission Rufus King argued that Congress had the power to ________________.
regulate slavery
The crisis was resolved by admitting both ______ and ________ to the Union.
Missouri, Maine
Lands north of this latitude __________ were now off limits to slavery after 1820.
36 degrees 30'
The Great Compromiser was ________________.
Henry Clay
The Secretary of State under President Monroe was _________________.
John Quincy Adams
The Rush-Bagot Treaty of 1817 between the U.S. and Great Britain removed __________.
large war vessels from the great lakes region
The Treaty with Spain in 1819 was called the _____________.
Adams-Onis Treaty
The outcome of this treaty meant the U.S. gave up its claims to __________ in exchange for ___________.
Texas, Florida (other outcomes: spanish gives up claims to Oregon)
The Monroe Doctrine of 1823 boldly asserted that the American continents were ________________
Off limits (no touchy)
The five men who wished to succeed President Monroe were ____________,________________,______________,_________________,_______________.
Calhoun, Crawford, Adams, Clay, Jackson
The Electoral College winner in 1824 was _________________ but he did not become President.
Andrew Jackson
The House of Representatives chose _______________ as president because no one secured enough Electoral College votes in 1824.
John Quincy Adams
Those politicians who believed in economic nationalism were called ________________ Republicans.
National Republicans
States' rights supporters were called ______________.
Old Republicans
Some of the scandalous claims that emerged during the 1828 election included ______________________________.
Adams is a pimp,
Andrew Jackson was from the state of _________________.
Tennessee (west)
Jackson's parents came from ______________________.
Jackson received lasting scars on his face because he refused to _____________ during his captivity.
Shine a British officers shoes
Before politics Jackson ___________ .
owned land and slaves
Jackson claimed to be the advocate of the _____________.
Common man
Jackson chose ____________________ to serve as his Secretary of War.
John Henry Eaton
The first Vice President to resign from office was _________________ as a result of the ___________ Affair.
John C. Calhoun, Eaton affair
Jackson then chose ________________ to be his new Vice President.
Martin Van Buren
The Second Bank of the United States was run by _________________.
Nicolas Bittle
Leading Southern opposition to the Tariff of Abominations of 1828 was _____________ from the state of ___________________.
John C. Calhoun, South Carolina
Published anonymously in 1828 this pamphlet ___________________________________ claimed states had a right to _____________ federal law deemed _________________.
South Carolina Exposition and Protest; nullify, unconstitutional
In 1830 the two senators who debated states' rights vs. national authority were ______________ and ________________.
Robert Hayne, Daniel Webster
The Nullification Ordinance repudiated ____________________ and threatened _________________ if forced to pay.
Terrors of 1832, succession
The Force Bill of 1833 would give President Jackson the authority to use _____________ to enforce federal law.
Federal troops
This Act in 1830 authorized the President to remove 74k Indians from the East.
Indian Removal Act
A guerilla war was fought between 1835-42 in the territory of ___________________ between the __________________ and the federal government.
Florida, Senital tribe
In 1835 a minority of Cherokee negotiated the Treaty of ______________.
New Echota
The terms of this treaty involved _________________________.
(New Echota) 5 mil $$$ and 100mil acres
The third party candidate in the 1832 election was ________________.
Freemasons- William Whert
The new Whig Party was a coalition of these three groups ______________,___________________,___________________.
National republicans, Antijacksonian democrats, Antimasonic
Due to the Panic of 1837 roughly _______________ of the nation's workers were jobless by the fall of that year.
The Whig Party chose _____________ and _____________ as their President and Vice President candidates in the 1840 election.
William Henry Harrison & John Tyler
By 1860 there were _________million slaves in the USA and they were valued at ___________billion dollars.
4, 4
By 1860 the value of slaves outstripped the value of _______________, _______________ & _______________ combined.
banks, railroads, & factories
To be labeled a planter someone had to own more than ________ slaves.
A plantation mistress was responsible for ______________.
taking care of the slaves
The author of the 1860 book "Social Relations in our Southern States" was ______________.
Daniel Hundley
By 1860 free blacks accounted for roughly ____% of the total black population in the USA.
Immigrants came from the French colony of __________________ to the United States after an uprising there in 1791.
San Domain
The Republic of _________ was created in 1804 as a result of this uprising in the Caribbean.
This law ______________________ prohibited the future importation of slaves from Africa and elsewhere.
Prohibiting Importation of Slaves
Twelve Years as a Slave was written by _______________________.
Solomon Northup
The outspoken abolitionist ________________ helped him win his freedom by mailing letters for him.
Samuel Moss
Robert Newsom was killed in June 1855 for ____________________.
raping cecelia
A slave rebellion in 1800 was led by a slave named __________
Virginia's Governor at this time was _______________, a future president.
Virginia's slave population at this time was __________%. ***
The German Coast Uprising took place in the territory of ______________ in 1811.
The leader of this 1811 rebellion was ____________ who had come from Haiti.
Charles Deslondes
Denmark Vesey's plans to overtake the city of Charleston included _______________.
Burning it to the ground, killing all white people, setting sale for Haiti
Nat Turner's Rebellion is also known as the ______________________.
South Hampton Insurrection
In all _____ white southerners lost their lives as a result of his rebellion.
The Underground Railroad was a network of _______________
people to get slaves to freedom in the north
The most famous conductor of the Underground Railroad was a woman named ____________________.
Hariett Tubman
Unitarians believed that Jesus was ____________.
Not the son of God, they believed he was a prophet
The epicenter of Unitarianism was the city of __________.
John Murray founded the _________ Church in 1779.
The ____________Church suffered because of its association with Great Britain.
Anglican (renamed to Episcopalian)
The first "Camp Meeting" took place in 1801 at ________________ in the state of ____________.
Cain Ridge, KY
Methodists used ______________ to go throughout the frontier converting people.
preachers on horseback
This man _____________ was appointed by founder of Methodism John Wesley in 1771 to go be a travelling preacher in the colonies.
Francis Asbury
Peter Cartwright was known as the ______________in the Midwest.
Backwoods preacher/Lord's plowman
Joseph Smith founded the __________ religion.
Smith claimed a group of ancient _________ settled America 2,000 years before Columbus.
Israelites (Nephites)
Smith renamed Commerce, Illinois ____________.
Smith's successor was ________________
Brigham Young
The Mormons eventually travelled to _______________ in Mexican territory to escape persecution.
Valley of the great salt lake
The 1890 Woodruff Manifesto officially advised against _______________.
In 1836 a group of intellectuals formed _________________ in Boston & Concord to discuss philosophy, literature and religion.
Transcendental Club
In 1837, in his "American Scholar" speech, Ralph Waldo Emerson urged young Americans to __________________.
develop their own traditions
In 1833 the _________________ was formed to discourage alcohol consumption.
American Temperance Union
"A Treatise on Domestic Economy" was a guideline for women on domesticity and was written by _________________.
Catharine Beecher
Such was the level of alcohol consumption by the 1830s the United States was labeled by historians as the __________Republic.
Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Stanton called the __________________ Convention in 1848 where they championed equal rights for women.
Seneca Falls Convention
In 1816 the American Colonization Society was formed to encourage ________________.
slaves to return to africa
Abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison launched the _____________ newspaper in 1831 in Boston.
"The Liberator"
Frederick Douglas named his anti-slavery newspaper North Star. He chose this name because ____________.
Follow the north star to freedom to the north (free states)