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production team
everyone working, in any capacity, on the production of a play
production meeting
a conference of appropriate production personnel to share information
technical rehearsals
run-throughs in which the sets, lights, props, and sound are introduced into the action of the play
a directive for action. for example, a change in the lighting
prompt book
a copy of the script with details about each actor's blocking as well as the location of all sets, props, lights, and sound cues
production concept
the creative interpretation of the script, which will unify the artistic vision of producers, director, and designers
a stage configuration in which the spectators watch the action through a rectangular opening (the proscenium arch) that resembles a picture frame
thrust stage
a stage projecting into, and surrounded on three sides by the audience - same stage we have at school
arena stage
- a stage completely surrounded by the audience - also called "theatre in the round"
raked stage
a stage floor that is higher in the back (upstage) than the front (downstage)
black box theatre
a theatre space that is usually painted black and has a simple rectangular shape
"found" theatre spaces
theatres that are housed in structures that were originally designed for some other purposes
false proscenium
a rigid framework covered with drapery material that is used to adjust the height and width of the proscenium arch. sometimes unframed drapes are used to create a false proscenium
fly loft
the open space above the stage where the scenery and equipment are flown
a thick wooden dowel or metal pipe (generally 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter) from which are suspended scenery and lighting instruments
counterweight arbor
a metal cradle that hold the counterbalancing weights used in the counterweight flying system
ground plan
a ground plan is the floor plan of the set drawn to scale looking from above the stage. this drawing indicates the general layout of each set and the placement of the furniture and large props
white model
a three-dimensional functional model of a scenic design; normally built on a scale of 1/4 or 1/2 to 1 foot; usually made from black foam core
scenic renderings
renderings are finished color sketches of the set. they are normally drawn to scale do that they are an accurate representation of the actual size, shape, and color of the setting
front elevations
a front view of the set. the purpose of these scale drawings is to indicate vertical measurements that can't be represented on the ground plan
lighting designer
person responsible for the appearance of the lighting during the production
lighting cue
generally, some type of action involving lighting; usually the raising or lowering of the intensity of one or more lighting instruments
ellipsoidal reflector spotlight
has a narrow beam and is capable of traveling long distances
produces a soft, diffused, luminescent light
an electrical device that controls the intensity of a light source connected to it