APUSH UNIT 3: Bill of Rights Test

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First Amendment
speech, press, religion, assembly, and petition
Second Amendment
right to bear arms and right to serve in a militia
Third Amendment
no quartering act
Fourth Amendment
no unreasonable search and seizure
Fifth Amendment
rights of the accused 1. indicted-formally accused by a grand jury 2. double jeopardy- can't be tried for the same crime twice 3. due process- legal measures you're entitled to 4. eminent domain- government can take private property for public use 5. self incrimination- right to remain silent
Sixth amendment
jury trial criminal cases
seventh amendment
jury trial civil cases
eighth amendment
no cruel and unusual punishment and no excessive bail and fine
ninth amendment
rights listed are not the only rights americans have
tenth amendment
powers not taken to the federal government are reserved to the state and then the people