Psychology 3.2

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How do stimulants increase alertness, energy, and activity?
It increases dopamine receptors
List examples of stimulants
Amphetamine, methamphetamine, cocaine, Adderal, Ritalin, and caffeine
Risks/physical effects of stimulants
- Confusion, impaired attention, and impulses (high doses) - Blocks pre-synaptic neuron from reuptaking - Increases heart rates - Increases respiratory rates - Increases blood pressure - Increases temperature - Convulsion - Liver damage - Increased heart attack (MI)
How can stimulants be beneficial?
Increase energy, alertness, and activity as well as enhancing attention (given low doses)
How do hallucinogens work?
They induce sensory distortions (hallucinations) by acting at the serotonin synapse
Risks/physical effects of hallucinogens
- Emotional changes - Dream like state/mystical experience - Increase risk for abuse - Anxiety - Increase heart rate - Increase blood pressure - Increase body temperature - Increase respiratory rate - Hallucinations - Seizures - Diarrhea - Intensive vomiting - Death - Skin peeling - Coma
How do depressants work?
Increases GABA transmission at inhibitory synapses
Risks/physical effects of depressants
- Increase risk taking - Increase aggression - Poor decision - Suppression of fear - Decrease heart rate - Organ damage - Memory loss - Coma - Death - Vomit - Drowsiness - Clumsiness - Wernicke korsikorfs dementia - High risk pregnancy - Vomit
Benefits of depressants
Decrease anxiety and helps relax
What are 3 examples of narcotics
- Morphine - Heroine - Codeine
How does narcotics work?
Binds to endorphin receptors in the brain to block pain
What's the difference between THC and CBD regarding marijuana?
CBD doesn't get you high and not a psychoactive while THC gets you high and is a psychoactive
Examples of when dopamine is stimulated naturally
- Sex - Certain foods - Gambling - Music - Video games - Shopping
What do inhibitions do for us?
Allow people to make the right decisions in a situation because they know the consequence of that action. (ex. taking drugs or smoking)
How can drugs affect "normal" behavior?
They take away our inhibitions which prevents us from making logical and right decisions in certain situations.
Why are teenagers more susceptible to drugs?
The brain is not fully developed yet and drugs can affect the growth and development of the brain in the long run