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every human being has
free will
free will
you have the freedom to choose how you live
what does free will provide?
constraints and opportunities
the problem of order in world politics
organizing social, economic, and political power
how you organize societies and the power that comes with that
order is a problem in world politics
its subjective to the individual it leads to an imbalance of power there is no world government
the absence of world government
is anarchy chaotic?
not necessarily, it can be but it basically means that no one is charge of the world
we do not have a...
centralized authority that we would call a government that would maintain order in global politics
players in global politics
have different amounts of power
vox populi, vox dei
the voice of the people is the voice of god
creating a political community for the common good organized in a free, sovereign, and independent body, politic, or state
salus populi suprema lex esto
the good of the people is the chief law
both populism and nationalism are rooted in the idea of what?
popular sovereignty
populism gravitates towards the
what does populism identify?
it identifies the people with an ethnic or racial minority
nationalism turns against who?
an anti-elitist doctrine
nationalism is led by who?
the elites
what to do populist policies thrive on?
relentless mobilization of popular energy
the two conditions that led to fervent forms of nationalism
secessionary majoritarian
leads to attacking internal minorities
what factors galvanize or incentivize like likelihood of populism?
economics, migrations, foreign relations, scapegoating, understanding of the national community
questions involved with order in world politics
how is it that we have more order than disorder? what are the solutions to the problem of order? global order and national order?
90% of wealth
is held by 10% of the people
what is the condition of political anarchy?
pervasive and stable
why is political anarchy stable?
because there are 8 billion people in the world who believe in different parts of the world that are all under the jurisdiction of a government and state
the 200 states in the world
are very protective of their independence and sovereignty
the federal government is the highest authority of the land and the people living on it
how is having more order possible than
having more disorder
every state is connected by a
there is no
external or higher authority to make maintaining order easier
its up to the states
to maintain order whether its individually or together
thomas hobbes
a british philosopher in the 16th century who thought there was a problem of order within the uk
what did thomas hobbes want to do?
wanted to propse a solution and create a more organized society for economic and social prosperity
the leviathan
the state is made of a man or assembly of man society has to appoint who will be in charge
people in nature according to leviathan
are fundamentally alike in state of nature when life is extremely dangerous we all become equals
what states become according to leviathan
heads that reason and behave like people
the social contract according to leviathan
between the people and the leviathan to escape the state of nature
the three clauses of the social contract
surrender autonomy and individual rights receive security within and from without private property
surrender autonomy and individuals rights
we cannot act as we wish there are limits to what we can as individuals not just giving up on human rights
receive security within and from without
occurs in society the leviathan protects the people in return for their rights
do we have a leviathan around the world?
the leviathan applied on a global scale
the items of the contract are used and applied we can generalize them to the global context
the states represent what when applying leviathan?
the people
improved communications are a fundamental aspect of a wider phenomenon of what?
globalization enables us to do what?
to learn quickly and consistently about events all over the world almost as soon as they happen
the end of the soviet union
initiated a dynamic phase of globalization whcih affected our understanding of international relations
managing multiple global interdependencies requires what?
improving processes of bargaining,negotiation, and consensus seeking involving states and non state actors