Parts of the cell and cell membrane

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The organelle that digest worn-out cell structures and foreign bodies.
Sorts, packages, and distributes cell products.
Directs the formation of the mitotic spindles which help move the DNA during cell division.
The organelle that processes and transports proteins.
The organelle that manufactures, processes, and transports lipids and carbohydrates.
A dense section of DNA in the nucleus that manufactures ribososmes.
Control center of the cell and contains the DNA of the cell
Produces energy for the cell
Supports the cell and moves substances through the cell
Separates the cell's contents from the surrounding environment
Cell membrane structure that identifies the cell.
prevents polar molecules or ions (water soluble molecules) to pass through the membranes.
allows the transport of specific substances across a cell membrane.
Makes up the hydrophilic aspect of the cell membrane.
Cell membrane structure that adds rigidity to the membrane and makes it more stable.