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Spaced Repetition

spaced repetition

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A thorough study of something (such as a poem or a piece of literature)
To show or indicate beforehand
A conversation, an episode, or an event that happened before the beginning of the story. Often interrupts the chronological flow of a story to give the reader information to help in understanding a character's situation.
the perspective from which a story is told
Told from the viewpoint of one of the characters using the pronouns "I" and We"
the narrator addresses the reader directly using the pronoun "you"
is narrated by the author. (He, She, It)
A type of figurative language. It is a comparison of two unlike things using like or as
A type of figurative language. It is a comparison, not using the words like or as.
A lesson (life lesson) that is taught in a literary work
Traits that are found on the inside of a character
are traits that are on the outside
A struggle between opposing forces or characters. Without conflict a story would be boring. A story can have several conflicts, the main conflict is central to the plot and is usually resolved by the resolution.
Takes place in a character's mind or heart. Sometimes this involves a decision.
Takes place between a character and something outside the character. The outside force could be nature, an event or situation, or another character.
The truth or central idea a story reveals about life. Any theme can be considered valid if you can support it with text evidence.
Stages of the story: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution
Introduces the characters and the setting, provides background information, conflict is usually introduced.
The story becomes more complicated as the conflict develops
The turning point in the story, the most exciting part when the outcome of the conflict is decided.
The loose ends are tied up as the story comes to an end. (This is sometimes combined with the resolution).
The conflict should be resolved. The story ends.