Paper 1: Unit 2 - Why images of Allah are not permitted in Islam.

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19 Terms
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What term refers to the oneness of Allah?
The One and Only
Finish this quote from the Qur'an "He is God, the ... and ..."
What term is used for the greatest sin in Islam?
What is the greatest sin?
The worship of anything other than Allah
"he devises indeed a great sin"
Finish the quote from the Qur'an "And whoever associates anything with Allah..."
What might Muslims use in a mosque instead of images?
A form of artistic writing
What is calligraphy?
The 99 Names of Allah
What does Muslim calligraphy often show?
"... would get into paradise"
Finish this quote from Prophet Muhammad "There are 99 names of Allah; he who commits them to memory..."
Sunni Muslims
What group of Muslims are more strict about drawing images of Allah?
Only Allah designs and creates life
Why do Sunni Muslims not allow images of the natural world or human figures?
1. There can be no possibility of the images being used for worship. 2. There can be no possibility that these images could be used to disrespect of belittle Islam, Allah or the Prophets
Name the criteria that Shia Muslims have when drawing people.
Shia Muslims
What group of Muslims are less strict when it comes to drawing humans?
"Perfected everything he created."
Finish this quote from the Qur'an "The work of Allah who has..."
Charlie Hebdo
What French magazine was the target of terror attacks in 2011 and 2015?
The published images of the Prophet Muhammad which many felt disrespected Islam
Why was Charlie Hedbo targeted by Islamic extremists?
1. Calligraphy is a form of art that helps them develop an understanding of Allah. 2. Allah has given them creative talents to use. 3. Shia Muslims are less strict about art. 4. There is a growing recognition and appreciation of Islamic art in the West 5. All people have freedom of expression as part of their human rights.
Why should Muslims be able to express faith through art?
1. Images of Allah undermine the belief of Tawhid. 2. Images could encourage idol worship. 3.The Qur'an tells them that images of Allah is shirk. 4. Allah is transcendent so we will never be able to fully reflect the beauty of Allah and his creation. 5. Only Allah can design and create life. 6. It could cause conflict and offense.
Why should a Muslim not express their faith through art?
Human nature is flawed.
Why would humans not be able to create an image that would represent Allah properly?