Ch4 - Building the Colonies

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New Spain, New England, New France, New Netherlands

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What nation started colonies in the Americas first?

What did Spain build in the borderlands to protect the lands they claimed?

forts, missions, homes

Which Colony made huge profits selling the cash crop, tobacco, in Europe?
What was England’s first permanent settlement in North America?
What was the Virginia legislature called?
House of Burgesses
What is the lawmaking branch of government called?
What is one advantage of the Pilgrims’ building their settlement on a bay?
They had easy access to shipping and trade.
Which Native American helped settlers to survive by teaching them how to farm and fish in the new world?
Tisquantum (Squanto)

What was the first Spanish settlement in North America?

St. Augustine

Which part of North America did La Salle claim for France in 1684?
The Mississippi River Valley
How did missionaries affect life for Native Americans in New Spain?
They converted them to the Catholic faith. They enslaved them as workers on farms and plantations. They forced them to change how they lived and worshipped.
Why was Jamestown’s location a poor choice for a settlement?
The land was swampy and not good for farming.
What is the Mayflower Compact?
An agreement among the men on the Mayflower that they would make fair laws that everyone will follow.
What activities made up the early economies of the colonies in North America?
Farming, ranching, fishing, fur trading, and shipping goods and raw materials back to Europe
Why was the House of Burgesses important?
Virginia Legislature made laws needed to keep order. It was the first example of representative government in the colonies. People voted for who would represent them in the legislature.

In what present-day state is the Spanish settlement, St. Augustine located?


In what present-day state is the Spanish settlement, Santa Fe located?

New Mexico

In what present-day state was the English settlement, Roanoke located?

North Carolina

In what present-day state was the English settlement, Jamestown located?


In what present-day state was the English settlement, Plymouth?


In what country was the French settlement, Quebec located?


In what present-day state was the French settlement, New Orleans located?


In what present-day state was the Dutch settlement, New Amsterdam located?

New York

What three G’s represent the most common reasons people came to the Americas?

gold, God, glory