know your notes.

Our algorithm makes sure learning will never be the same again.
How does it work?

First, we take your notes and analyze them using machine learning.

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On our server, the A.I. determines the best question formats for each sentence.

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Once it knows the best questions, the algorithm sends it to the web or mobile app for you to take a quiz!

It only takes a matter of seconds.

At the end you get great quizzes that are custom made from your notes that you can take anywhere you go!

The algorithm generates three different question forms.
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Multiple Choice

Knowt generates multiple choice questions in many different types. You may see questions that ask "Which of the following?" or "Which event occured in the same year?"
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Fill in the Blank

Fill in the blank questions are helpful for learning different vocabulary terms or remembering import event names and dates. These are sometimes seen as MC questions!
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Explanation questions test your depth of understanding with a concept. They're great for learning a larger concept and to really determine your knowledge.
Knowt's Algorithm is Patent Pending.

Our algorithm is our pride and joy. We have filed for a patent and are waiting to receive approval!