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What is the student dashboard and how do I use it?

  • Log in to the Knowt application at Once signed in, there will be a main dashboard with all of your classroom, notes, and assignments. Click on any class to view the student dashboard. Knowt Product Image

  • To view the full student dashboard, click on “View All” at the top right of the “Student” section Knowt Product Image

  • To edit students in the class, click on the pencil icon in the top right section titled "Students" Knowt Product Image

  • To add students to the class, hit on the plus button. Here you can get the invite link, the class code, and make the class public/private Knowt Product Image

  • Hit “List View” to change the format of how the students are displayed. List view will allow you to see their grades and scores and give you the ability to select and remove students Knowt Product Image

  • You can select a specific student from the list of students to view their averages, completed/upcoming assignments, grade trends, and recommended topics Knowt Product Image