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What is the assignment dashboard and how do I use it?

  • Click on a class from the main dashboard to view the assignment dashboard. The assignment dashboard is where you can view all the analytics on every assignment! Knowt Product Image

  • To search for an assignment, go to the search bar at the top right of the section. To toggle between viewing the amount of points and the averages, hit the button to the right of that labeled either “View Points” or “View Average.” In order to change the status of assignments shown, click on the drop down menu to choose between Active, Inactive, Completed, and Upcoming. Finally, hit the plus button to make a new assignment. Knowt Product Image

  • To view the specifics of an assignment, click on the assignment itself. Here you can view the students which students have completed the assignment, the average time spent on each question, and the distribution of scores across the class! Knowt Product Image