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How do I benefit from the study page?

We’re here to make your studying life easier and more effective. Once you upload your note, you can make flashcards either by clicking on “Generate” to use our algorithms to make flashcards for you or tapping on “Create Cards” to hand make each one. Check out “How do I Create Flashcards?” for a more detailed run-through. To test your knowledge of the note, click on “Quiz” to generate a quiz based on your note. Adjust the number of questions, question types, and quiz appearance to fit your studying needs. If you want to customize your quiz, finish taking it and you can edit that quiz by tapping “Customize Saved Quiz”. Check our “How Do I Edit a Quiz?” for a more in-depth process view. Moreover, on your Study Page, you can even copy a shareable link to your note, see the number of likes and views on your note, etc.

If you would like to see a video of how to use the study page, check out the FAQ Tutorial video we made below!