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How do I create flashcards?

When you upload a note into your Knowt Notebook, there is a dashboard section labeled “Study Panel” which is located at the top right. Here, you can click on “Generate” to use our technology to immediately generate notes! (As an aside note to you, there are times where our technology cannot recognize key words from your notes, but don’t fret! Check out “How Do I Make Better Quizzes in Knowt” to see how our algorithm works.) You can also click on “Create Cards” to customize your flashcards to fit your studying needs. Regardless if you click “Generate” or “Create Cards”, you can always edit your flashcards by clicking on the pencil icon. Once in the flashcard editing mode, click on “Add Another Item” at the bottom of your screen to add more terms. To delete terms, simply click on the pencil icon next to the “Use Me to Filter” search bar and delete any terms you choose.

If you would like to see a video of how to create flashcards, check out the FAQ Tutorial video we made below!