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How do I make better quizzes in Knowt?

  1. Break up your ideas!
    1. Knowt is built for notes and not for direct passages from textbooks and novels. While some students may prefer writing history notes in the form of a narrative, for example, our algorithm is currently built for shorter sentences and ideas.
    2. A stream of facts is much easier for our algorithm to detect ideas within. In essence, a 4 short, direct bullet points is preferred over a larger paragraph of text.
  2. Try to reduce a sentence’s reliance on one’s before it
    1. A similar issue comes from the fact that many of us have a tendency to write notes in a manner where each sentence builds on ideas from the past sentences, all without direction mention of the topic at hand. For example:

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    3. Our algorithm makes its best guesses to figure out what the 'this' and 'that' means in text, but works better with this ambiguity removed:

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  3. Refer to things consistently!
    1. Something we’ve learned from our English teachers is to change around how we refer to characters, ideas, motifs, etc. that come up in our writing to avoid our writing becoming repetitive. While this makes for great essays, this might not be the best practice for our algorithm and for your own revision.
    2. To remember key ideas and have our algorithm detect them consistently, refer to nouns in a consistent manner.

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    4. In the second example, acronyms are defined next to their expanded forms the first time and are all shortened to the same acronyms for every point thereafter. This helps our algorithm link together sentences with similar ideas more reliably.