What are tags?

At Knowt, we give you the ability to tag notes so that you can easily found them if they’re private, or so other users can find them easily if they’re public.

A huge benefit of Knowt is being able to find notes that other students have written, and tags make that process really easy! Here’s how to get started:

How do I add tags?

notion image
  • Below where you add a title to your note, press the “Add a tag” button. It will direct you to a pop-up where you can add tags to your note
    • notion image
    • What tags do we have?
      • Subject & Topic - Knowt will actually guess this as soon as you open the tagging menu and you can adjust it as you need
      • Textbook - If we have your textbook on Knowt you can add it directly there or we’ll save it as a custom tag
      • Exam
      • Custom Tag - You can add anything you want here!
    • Press Save!
      • You can revisit this menu to edit your tags at any time!

Why use tags?

  • With our integrated tagging system
    • You will have a much more organized workspace
    • Be able to easily search for specific notes to better aid in your studying
    • Not only will it help you, but you are also helping thousands of students have a better note finding experience
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