Spaced Repetition

What is spaced repetition and why use it?

Spaced Repetition is an effective learning approach to have information fully embedded in your long-term memory. With spaced repetition, you learn your material over the span of days, weeks, months, etc. (depending on when your exam is 🙂) and retain it for longer.

Here’s some science to back that up! Spaced Repetition allows users to directly combat the Forgetting Curve. Below you can see the rate of decay when we are introduced to new material. With Spaced Repetition you will slow down the rate of decay of your memory which will allow you to retain information longer.

notion image

Spaced Repetition is the most optimal way to study because after every consecutive practice session the interval between the practice sessions increases. By doing this it allows you to practice material right before forgetting it. This saves you time and allows you to learn material faster as it only takes a couple of repetitions to permanently remember the material. Using Spaced Repetition to practice strengthens your mental connections which entails your brain automatically retrieving relevant information from your memory easily.

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At Knowt, we pride ourselves in our spaced repetition technology as we allow users to automatically create a near-perfect practicing schedule derived from your flashcards to better aid in your studying.

How do I use spaced repetition on Knowt?

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  • Click Learn Note to pull up our studying options!
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  • Now you have 2 choices to study with spaced repetition:
    • Learn Concepts: This mode will give you questions in the format of Multiple Choice, Fill in the blank, True/False, Matching, and Event Ordering. It will look something like this:
      • notion image
    • Flashcards: This mode will let you go through the flashcards you’ve already created with spaced repetition. It will look something like this:
      • notion image
  • Regardless of what option you pick, we’ll ask you some questions so that we can structure the spaced repetition to how well you know the material and when your exam is!
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  • Ok, now you’ve started your study session!
  • You may be wondering... how does this work?
    • It’s simple really — just answer the question/flashcard to the best of your ability, and let us know how it was for you, and from there based on your response we’ll show you the question either more often or after some time. Just come back every day to see if you’re retaining the information! 🙂
    • You have several options to select from after you answer a question, and here’s what they mean:
      • Remove - the question may be confusing, worded poorly, or bad for another reason
      • Too soon - the question/flashcard has popped up repeatedly or too many times
      • I forgot - you didn’t understand the concept and the question/flashcard needs to be shown again
      • Still 50/50 - you may have gotten it right but you don’t fully understand the concept and the question/flashcard needs to be shown again
      • Barely got it - you got it right but you’re not confident if you understand
      • Easy - question can be answered without much or any difficulty
    • Once you label a question/flashcard as “easy” two times you’ll see it less often
      • Spaced Repetition strategically schedules your studying because of the interval between every consecutive practice session increases. There is a delay of one day between the first and second practice session, three days between the second and third practice session, seven days between the third and fourth session, etc. This cycle continues and eventually, you will only have to practice those flashcards a few times a month and eventually once a year. Spaced Repetition allows you to study optimally by counteracting the forgetting curve. This not only allows you to remember the material better but save time for your studying!
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