Sharing Notes

With Knowt you can share notes with your friend so they can study better too. By default your note is private so that no one unwanted can access the note, but here’s a walkthrough on how to change that:

How do I share a note?

notion image
  • On the top right-hand corner of your note editor, press the “Share” button. This will prompt you directly to your Sharing Settings
notion image
  • What type of sharing options do we have?
    • Private - The note is only visible to you and is not searchable by other users (selected by default)
    • Public - A public note can be found by anyone searching and will be visible to anyone viewing your profile, but cannot be edited by anyone except you. You will also get a personalized link that you can share with your friends.
  • Choose the Option You Would Like and Press Save! Your note is now private to yourself or public for other students to study from!

Why share a note?

  • By making your note public
    • You can let your friends study off your note
    • Contribute to the expanding network of learning materials!
      • More notes = more flashcards, practice tests, etc. for you and other students
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