How do I use the editor?

At Knowt, you have the ability to create your own notes with our integrated editor. Our editor allows you to customize notes to your personal liking to better optimize your note-taking experience.

The Quick Access Panel

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  • Let’s first look at the Quick Access panel on the left of your screen:
    • You can use the search bar to find a specific note
    • Or locate it below in your notebook.
      • You can quickly jump between multiple notes, or organize your notes into folders however you want!
    • Once the note is created, you can study from it by pressing the “Creating flashcards” button or “Learn Note” button
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Formatting Notes

  • In the space on the right just type “/” or press the + to for a menu with several formatting options
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  • Click the little arrow next to jump into the sub-menu (or use the right arrow key on your keyboard) to explore all the header options and choose the option that you want.
  • To go back to the main menu just click one of the options in that menu (or use the left arrow key on your keyboard)
  • You can do this with all of the menu items to see what we offer
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The 3 dot (...) menu

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  • In the top right-hand corner, there exists the 3 dot menu with several different options
    • Create flashcards - directs you to getting flashcards from your note
    • Study note - directs you to the study pop-up that lets you pick how you want to study the note
    • Save - lets you save the note so you can find it quickly when you filter by that in your notebook
    • Copy link - lets you copy the link to your note so you can share it if it’s public
    • This menu also lets you know how many likes and views your note has
    • Trash - If you don’t like your note anymore ☹️
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