We added a folder system so you can easily organize your notes by subjects, classes, and more!

How do you make a folder?

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  • Right-click anywhere on the home page to find the Create Folder option, then press it.
  • Choose a name for your folder, press the “Create” option, and your folder should be created!
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How do you move notes into this folder?

  • If you’re trying to move a note into an existing folder, you simply need to click and drag your Note into the folder.
    • notion image
  • Or If you want to move multiple notes you can click the multi-select button next to the filter and then select the “Move to” option.
    • Here you can then choose to move your notes into an existing folder, or into a new one (This is also available to do for single notes through each of their right-click menus)
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How do I rename a folder?

  • Click the three dots on the folder you want to rename, then press the “Rename” option
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notion image
  • You can also delete the folder by pressing the “Delete” button
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