At Knowt, we prioritize the ability for users to write notes and be able to interact with them through flashcards. You have the choice to personalize your flashcards so they can help you study for what you need.

How do I get flashcards?

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  • In the Quick Access bar, click the icon titled Create flashcards underneath the sector titled Study Note.
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  • After clicking on the Create flashcards button, we’ll present you a list of terms and definitions that you can select from. We’ve already chosen the best terms and definitions but feel free to select what you want!
    • You can search for terms in this list too 🙂
    • Don’t worry if something you selected doesn’t look perfect — you can edit this chosen terms and definitions in just a second!
  • Press the next arrow button to continue!
    • Now you can choose to return back to the note, or...
    • Edit the flashcards!
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How do I edit the flashcards?

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  • After choosing to Edit flashcards, you will see a screen like the one above
    • You can edit both the terms and definitions and even delete an individual flashcard if you don’t need to study it
  • Click on the arrow labeled Back to note once you are done editing your flashcards to return to your note
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  • Once back in your note, you can see that the Create flashcards command has changed to Edit my flashcards which you can select at any time if you need to further edit your flashcards

Why use flashcards?

  • It’s quick and easy!
  • You can study them using advanced techniques like Spaced Repetition directly on Knowt (Learn how!)
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