Knowt’s Notebook

The notebook is where you can go to write notes with the note editor, or read your PDF files.

Writing Notes

Knowt uses a markdown editor so formatting is accessible by typing “/” or clicking the “+”. All you have to do is type / and the formatting options will show up on the right, which you can navigate with your arrow keys.


Quick Tip - Type to get commands quicker

If you type “/bullets” you’ll see the options to add bullet points extremely quickly. Same if you type “/red” you can get a red highlight.


Quick Tip - Move Bullet Points

If you click on the dots on the side of each bullet you can drag and re-arrange your bullet points however you want.


Notes + Flashcards

With Knowt, you can attach flashcards to any note. To help you get started we run through the note and pick out good flashcards to make. Just press the flashcards button on the top right and go through the process - once you have a set, this button will take you right to the flashcard set page every time.

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