The future is now. Knowt uses AI to automatically create quizzes and flashcards from notes.

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Knowt Product Image

Intelligent questions. Made intelligently.

Using various sentence structure analysis, keyword mapping, and other technologies, Knwot is able to create complex questions in less than 20 seconds.

Flashcards made automatically from your notes.

Knowt's AI intelligently spots terms and definitions from your notes and creates flashcards in seconds. You can edit our quick suggestions or add more to fit your needs!

5 Types of Questions

We test your deeper understanding of a concept with Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, True & False, Historical Ordering, and Matching questions.
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We're always learning from what you're doing.

When you edit your saved quizzes, or the assignments we generate automatically, Knowt picks up on what we did wrong. By training and learning from your corrections, we hope to perfect our questions.
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