Meet the people behind Knowt.

Abheek Pandoh

Chief Executive Officer

Abheek has graduated from Rutgers with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Statistics. He has interned as a Software Engineer for Intel and Capital One.

Abhishek Patel

Chief Operating Officer

Abhishek is a senior at Rutgers University, and is pursuing his degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. He loves to sing and write music in his free time!

Jenny Wang

Freelance - Head of Web Development

Jenny is a University of Virginia graduate with degrees in Computer Science and Chemistry. Besides software development, she enjoys cooking and playing volleyball.

Zarir Hamza

Freelance - Head of Backend Development

Zarir is a senior at Rutgers studying Computer Science and Math. In his free time, he likes playing various sports such as basketball, soccer, and frisbee.

Maksym Bevza

Full Time - Head of Algorithm

Maksym is a ML/NLP Engineer with lots of interest in algorithms, artificial intelligence, sports, airplanes and space. In his free time, he enjoys learning a new skill or topic of science.

Varun Mehrotra

Freelance - Backend Developer

Varun Mehrotra is a senior at East Brunswick High School. He has been fascinated with computer science since he was in 6th grade and hopes to major in it in the future.

Shashank Vemuri

Freelance - Business Associate & Web Developer

Shashank is a recent graduate from North Brunswick Township High School. He enjoys playing basketball, coding, and trading stocks in his free time.

Abhishek Lingineni

Freelance - Algorithm Developer

Abhishek is a Caltech grad with majors in CS (with a focus on Machine Learning) and Business. He now works in Boston, where he enjoys spending his free time exploring the area.

Matthew Lee

Freelance - Mobile Developer

Matthew Lee is a recent graduate from Rutgers University with a BS in Computer Science. He works as a Software Engineer and Mobile Developer and enjoys playing fighting games.

Vaibhav Mehta

Freelance - Algorithm Developer

Vaibhav is currently a sophomore at Princeton University, planning on majoring in Computer Science. Outside of computer science, he enjoys playing tennis and reading.

Hadi El Yakhni

Freelance - Mobile Developer

Hadi is an Electrical Engineering student. He enjoys coding, learning new things, and playing soccer.

Tanya Dhingra

Freelance - Business Associate

Tanya is a senior at Klein Cain High School interested in business and heavily involved with orchestra. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in law.

Nick DeBaise

Freelance - Mobile Developer

Nick is a senior at Ellington High School. When he isn't programming, he enjoys playing soccer and hanging with friends. He hopes to major in computer engineering or CS one day.

Ramya Ravuri

Freelance - Business Associate

Ramya is a junior at Rutgers University pursuing a degree in Computer Science. She is the RU Women in CS Tech Chair and enjoys running a cooking blog in her free time.

Tim Li

Freelance - Business Associate

Tim is a junior at BU studying Finance and Economics. During his down-time, he is learning to cook native Cantonese cuisine or perfecting his behind-the-back cue shot in billiards.

Bruno de Almeida Zampirom

Freelance - Mobile Developer

Bruno de Almeida Zampirom is a mobile developer from Brazil!

Muhammad Al Hafidz Razali

Freelance - Web Developer

Muhammad is a student most of the time who scrolls through Reddit seeing meme after meme. Every day is mostly the same for him.

Angie Zhu

Freelance - Business Associate

Angie is a sophomore at Skyline High School. When she’s not at her job at Kumon, she enjoys trail running and paddleboarding.

Christian Mitton

Freelance - Mobile Developer

Christian graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Computer Science. In his free time, he enjoys reading, coding, and doing calisthenics!

Hanna Obeid

Freelance - Web Developer

Hanna is a Electrical and Electronics Engineer from the Lebanese University Faculty of Engineering.