Love taking notes? Join our community of KnowtTakers and earn volunteering hours or make extra money.
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Knowt Product Image

What's this program?

We want every student around the world to have a wide array and depth of study material. To build it, we’re giving the best students an opportunity to share their notes and strong note taking ability. In exchange you'll receive volunteer hours or get paid (your choice!).
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Interested in getting paid?

We’re looking to build our library of textbook notes. Once you join you’ll claim a textbook you want to write notes for, we’ll send you a digital copy for free, you’ll write the notes, and we’ll pay you for what you wrote. On average you can earn $60 per textbook you write notes for.
Knowt Product Image
Knowt Product Image

Or interested in earning volunteer hours?

Once you join you’ll write your notes on Knowt and fill out a small form. From there we’ll review the notes and either give you a certificate or fill out your school provided volunteer hours form.

What are my responsibilities?

We have very simple guidelines. You must create at least 3 notes every month. If you write textbook notes or notes for volunteer hours those can be counted towards it!
Knowt Product Image
Knowt Product Image

How do I get started?

It’s easy. Complete this application and submit a sample note. We’ll also ask for other information like your name, school, as well as a quick paragraph on why you want to join. Once we’ve reviewed it, we’ll send you an invite.
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